Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Buttermilk soap in the mall

Today it felt like spring in a way. There was some sunshine but still some cold.

Liked to make a buttermilk soap. It is made with biological fresh buttermilk which was pasteurized :)

The soap is uncoulored, and I made a blend of essential oils like: grapefruit, lime, litsea, patchouli, lemon, lemongrass,bergamot, chamomille,clove and ravensara.

In addition I put perfume oil cranberries in it. The smell is like a garden of citrus/orange like a little fruit basket. Tomorrow it will be seen , when it is cut.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The lovely customer this time wanted a rosemary soap. It had to be made hot processed, because she wants to sell them and not wait 6 weeks to cure. The blend suceeded gratefully with rosemary, litsea, peppermint, lavender and elemi ( essential oils).

The colour was not so good, mixing green natural clay with chlorofyll, but it was cheerfull enough.
The customer made this lovely picture and cutted the soap ( which came as a loaf) herself! We think she did a great job!