Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cheese and soap from Switzerland

Today was again a lovely day: Sonja 's Seifenkiste and I had a trade again. Soaps and Swiss mountain cheese for soaps :)

Well these lovely soaps are made by Sonja and they look and smell heavenly. I feel so lucky with these beautiful presents. If you want to know why the cheese is not on the photo... you can try to guess.... and it is not the fridge !Thank you so much, dearest Sonja, for our trade and the melt in the middle is incredible.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today I came along the word : "drivers". These are a main component of a computer. Without the drivers, the computer hasn't got any clue how to think and how to be active at all. While I was making this soap today, ( Framboisy)
I felt so gratefull to have so many drivers ( customers)and especially fellow soapmakers, who appreciate the handmade art we try to create. How lucky a person can be, when other soapmakers react or simply send you a nice mail. And also customers who apparently are satisfied enough to give their words of thankfullness.
How lucky am I to have these drivers:
to create and to share is an awsome thing!