Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today I came along the word : "drivers". These are a main component of a computer. Without the drivers, the computer hasn't got any clue how to think and how to be active at all. While I was making this soap today, ( Framboisy)
I felt so gratefull to have so many drivers ( customers)and especially fellow soapmakers, who appreciate the handmade art we try to create. How lucky a person can be, when other soapmakers react or simply send you a nice mail. And also customers who apparently are satisfied enough to give their words of thankfullness.
How lucky am I to have these drivers:
to create and to share is an awsome thing!


DebH said...


chiara said...

Hallo! thanks for your visit and love your soaps!

Titti underkalas-eken said...

I´m so fascinated by your lovely soaps. You rarely find these kind of soaps in shops in Sweden. Pitty, because they are surely lovely!

Rosabela said...

Hi Gioia,

I've stopped by a couple times and I love your blog! Your soaps look beautiful and I can smell them through the monitor! hehehe

Do you mail your soaps to Germany? Where would I be able to the rest of your collection? Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Gioia Made Soap said...

@ DebH: thanks
@ Chiara: I allways visit your blog
@ Titti: we could change soaps for cheese or something handmade :)
@Rosabela: I send you a mail, we will stay in contact