Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Buttermilk soaps

Gioia loves Buttermilk... she licks it from a plate, so I decided to make some.. buttermilk soaps with natural biological honey from a beehive here in the neighbourhood.


Soap Kitten said...

They look very nice and very natural.
Did you use any additional scents or did you just use honey?

Gioia Made Soap said...

Hello Soap kitten ( Janice )
Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I was really happy to see the beautiful pictures on your blog today :) These harts are great in your soap. Why don;t you call it: "Hart of NY'?
The scents I used are from Gracefruit/MacSoapy it is calles Scottish honey blossom, but also used real honey, for that matter it discoulered and because the PO somewhat discolours to light brown.

Anja said...

Fine Soap, and lovely Cows!

dragonwe said...

Liebe Georgette,
ich hoffe, es stört Dich nicht wenn ich Deutsch schreibe :-)
Einen lieben Gioia hast Du. So wie er schaut, geht es ihm wirklich gut bei Dir. Deine Seifen gefallen mir sehr gut, vor allem die Weiße mit dem Peeling drin vom Tuesday, February 10, 2009.

Soap Kitten said...

I like that idea... "The Heart of NY". Very clever!