Thursday, January 28, 2010


When I was in Venice, 21 years ago, I was so touched by the beauty of Murano glass and the masks for carnival.The colours of Venice are so inspiring.


Crafty Sue said...

I agree with you the colours of Carnival in Venice are magical and inspiring not only in photography or art but also in the art of soap making.

Anonymous said...

i love venice , specially the carnivale .

20th februari we go to a ball named gala nocturna in belgium.

the organisator of this gala called viona from viona art , she also love venice.

we must wear a mask this time .

i made my self a beautiful fantasy gown in purple colors with gold.

may be you can see some pics of it on my blog after the 20th .

greetings and hugs brigitta

Anonymous said...

Hoiii Georgette, je bent 'getagged' voor een 'Beautiful Blogger Award' kijk maar op mijn blog :)

Embat said...

Acabo de conocer tu blog y me ha parecido estupendo.
Te invito a a conocer el mio.
Un abrazo.

marja visscher said...
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Janice said...

Wow, I love your soap packaging! Truly unique!!